Celebrating Superb AI’s 5th Anniversary

Hyun Kim

Hyun Kim

Co-Founder & CEO | 2023/5/1 | 2 Min
Superb AI celebrates five years of providing computer vision tools to businesses around the world.

Superb AI celebrates its 5th anniversary. Established in 2018, Superb AI provides a computer vision platform with MLOps/DataOps elements that helps companies in their data journey by improving their data quality, reducing labeling spend, and building and scaling products faster using AI.

Data teams can manage the entire machine learning lifecycle on the Superb Platform, from data collection and processing to model deployment and monitoring. Superb AI has grown steadily over the past five years, expanding its clientele and continuing to deepen its product capabilities.

“Our five years of successful growth wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our customers and partners who believed in and supported our team. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to our growth.”

Hyun Kim

Co-founder & CEO

Looking back at our past five years…

  • 2018: Incorporation and launch of data labeling services

    With the establishment of the US and Korean offices, Superb AI launched its data labeling services and opened its R&D center to provide dedicated professional labeling services. We aimed to hone our expertise and strengthen our team to provide the efficiency and accuracy sought by our clients concerning their data labeling to help them enhance their model performance.

  • 2019 ~ 2020: Y Combinator and launch of the Superb Platform

    Coming out of Y Combinator (YC W19), we launched the Superb Platform (formerly known as Suite), a machine learning data platform that aims to solve data teams’ most critical labeling pain points, and completed seed fundraising. In recognition of our technical and business prowess, Superb AI was named the “Top 20 Most Promising AI Solution Provider in 2020” by CIO Review, and our CEO was the featured honoree for the Enterprise Technology category of Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2020. USPTO recognized our proprietary technologies during this period, motivating us to apply for additional patents and build robust technological capabilities.

  • 2021 ~ 2022: Series A and B fundraisings and increased usage in North America

    Superb AI successfully closed a Series A round of $9.3M and a Series B round of $16M. Our CEO was recognized as a member of the MIT Technology Review’s Innovator under 35 Korea, and the company was awarded the South Korean Presidential Citation in the Information and Communication Development category. Our platform became more international as we saw a significant increase in platform usage in North America, surpassing a global total of 100M labels. The capabilities of custom auto-labeling were further refined, improving the speed and efficiency of data-related tasks.

  • 2023 Q1: Product and service 

    In Q1, we focused on introducing major Superb Platform updates, including the initial Curate product launch, custom auto-labeling enhancements for improved usability, and modularization of the Labeling app to solve latency issues. Superb AI will continue bringing out new products and feature updates to our computer vision platform to make AI more accessible for every team, company, and enterprise. 

Thank you!

Our team continues to march forward with passion and vision for the future. We are committed to building a computer vision platform that enables you to implement MLOps/DataOps best practices, explore new possibilities using the latest advancements, and develop and scale AI products faster and easier than ever before.

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Superb AI is a leading computer vision platform and professional services provider that provides enterprise-grade, end-to-end MLOps and DataOps workflows to accelerate the adoption and development of data-centric AI. Through the practical application of AI-based automation, Superb AI helps teams manage the entire ML lifecycle more efficiently, from data annotation to curation, model training, and deployment, while ensuring optimal data accuracy and consistency.

Used by top ML practitioners, including teams at Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kakao, and Nippon Steel, Superb AI is on a mission to democratize AI by significantly reducing the time, cost, and effort required to go from proof-of-concept to production.

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