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2023/1/25 | 3 min read

This month's improvements to Superb Labeling empower teams to export data in the format that works best for them - eliminating the need for a converter or script. Plus, this release includes several visibility and usability enhancements across the platform's labeling and SDK components.

The full list includes:

  • New export functions (YOLO and COCO)

  • User-level API keys

  • SDK updates

  • Custom user reports for selected dates

Plug your labels into your existing workflows with new export formats

Teams can now export and use their labeled data more easily, without additional conversion, with support for common YOLO and COCO formats. Before these new formats, teams had to utilize the SDK or other methods to convert their files into the desired format, often with the support of our customer success team.

User-Level API Keys for More Granular Access Control and Monitoring

We’ve added the ability to create individual user-level API keys for SDK/CLI operations. Previously, users could only generate a single, tenant-level API key that would be identical for all admin and owner-level users. While tenant-level API keys will still be supported, we suggest you use them primarily for 3rd-party integrations that require a tenant-level connection to the platform or other systems and use the new user-level API keys for most day-to-day SDK/CLI operations.

With this release, teams can track which users performed which functions within the SDK/CLI.

In addition, they can:

  • Create and manage new API keys as needed

  • Set expiration dates for API access

  • Edit or change the status of an API key

  • Manage members to view, edit, and revoke API keys of other tenant users (for tenant owners)

SDK Updates

Finally, we’ve enhanced our SDK by adding a few new commands and shortcuts. Now, you can receive relevant project statistics with a few lines.

And assess the review/approval status of labels at a glance.

In addition, our CLI has been updated with enhanced error log messages that will help your team identify hiccups in your process.

New Custom User Reports by Date

Managers and owners can now create customized user reports highlighting a labeler’s progress and throughput for selected dates or a range of dates. Included are shortcuts for today, this week, and this month, making it easier to reference a user’s progress during a specific timeframe.

Specifically, teams can now apply the following filters:

  • Assignee who last submitted or skipped a label

  • Reviewer who last approved or rejected a label

  • Last submitted or skipped by assigned labeler, except labels by other users

  • Last approved or rejected by the reviewer

Previously, it was only possible to track a user’s progress cumulatively throughout the project, making it challenging to understand where successes and shortcomings took place. Team leaders can more effectively track progress and uncover trends, roadblocks, or other issues that could derail project completion.

Elevate Your Labeling Experience

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