Joining Forces with Japan’s AI Community: Superb AI Establishes a New Business Entity in Japan to Promote AI Market Growth

Eunseon Ha

Eunseon Ha

Product Marketer | 2023/4/11 | 2 min read
Superb AI is proud to support businesses in Japan on their computer vision projects.

Despite its strong and innovative technological prowess, Japan is a market with a great need for new technologies and business models due to the aging population and labor shortages. 

SuperbAI recognized this growth potential and established a business entity in Japan, Superb AI Japan. Our goal is to introduce our AI technologies to the Japanese market, collaborate with local companies to drive market growth, and solve complex problems of AI model development.

"Japan has already been an advanced country in terms of AI technologies, considering their cutting-edge technologies and products. Yet, the vast majority of Japanese companies still have a strong desire for the latest AI systems to improve efficiency and adapt to constantly changing regulatory environments. Given this, I hope that many companies in Japan will partner with Superb AI to replace legacy systems and prepare for the next generations of operations. I look forward to collaborating with new partners in Japan." 

- Hyun Kim, CEO

Benefits of Automated Machine Learning Data Platform for Japanese Companies

Japan is a country with high labor costs, so it's crucial for Japanese companies to introduce a data-centric computer vision platform like Superb AI Suite to reduce costs. One of the main characteristics of the Japanese culture is that it pursues high levels of accuracy and efficiency, which are also critical qualities for pre-processing tasks for AI development.

  • Address labor shortages due to the aging population

    Japan is facing a rapidly worsening labor shortage due in part to its aging population (although it's not a problem unique to Japan). However, manual labeling, without proper automation, requires significant labor. Many AI development companies are turning to web-based collaboration tools to automate labeling and reduce their dependency on manual labor to address this challenge.

  • Audit data accurately and meticulously
    Japan is known for valuing accuracy and attention to detail in all aspects of work - and data labeling is no exception. Introducing an automated machine learning data preparation platform that automates labeling and auditing allows companies to build high-quality datasets with great accuracy.

  • Achieve high customer satisfaction

    Machine learning platforms enable companies to perform data labeling tailored to their customer's requirements, making them especially valuable in countries like Japan, where customer satisfaction and service mindset are highly prioritized.

Superb AI Is Committed to Contributing to the Global AI Market's Growth

The global market for AI model development is rapidly expanding, and the market size is expected to reach billions of dollars in the future. The demand for AI is skyrocketing as the demand for automation, data analysis, and machine learning sharply increases across various industries. As a result, AI is expected to play a much more significant role in the future as AI models become more sophisticated.

Superb AI will make our platform and technologies available all across the globe and effectively support our customers with AI development from end to end so that not only Japanese companies but also global companies can successfully introduce and deploy AI with ease, wherever and whenever they want.

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