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2022/7/13 | 3 min read

We’re excited to announce the expansion of Superb AI’s global reach into the Japanese marketplace, with the addition of Japanese language localization across our Suite UI and its supporting documentation. Currently supporting English and Korean, adding Japanese support offers a plethora of possibilities for a technology-focused country – and we can’t wait to be a part of it. Localization also helps us better support multinational organizations and teams with members in Japan and companies looking to expand their operations into the region.

Why Introduce Our Data Labeling Platform in Japan?

Superb AI’s Japanese language localization initiative tackles the increasing demand and needs of our current and potential Japanese customers. As a whole, Japan is a world leader in inviting technology into the home, its city structure, and the workplace. A 2020 study conducted by US-based research firm ESI ThoughtLab - in conjunction with consultancy firms Deloitte, Publicis Sapient, Cognizant, Appen, Dataiku, and DataRobot– found that Japan is at the forefront of AI adoption, ahead of the US, UK, and Singapore. Japan also leads in overall projects in place and widespread deployment as it welcomes new technologies into the workforce.

Driven by government-led Society 5.0– a political initiative to fund and support AI, IoT, big data analytics, and robotics - Japan aims to tackle socioeconomic inequality, promote sustainability, and foster growth through developing technologies. Part of the reasoning behind their AI-focused initiatives is to combat the reality of an aging population. As the number of people in the country declines, adding technology into everyday tasks, jobs, and responsibilities relieves the burden of relying solely on people where automation can assist. Creating technologies to support financial, infrastructure, healthcare, and logistical initiatives helps connect those in more rural areas, where services common in urban settings are less likely to exist, uniting different parts of the country by default.

The explosion of machine learning and computer vision projects in Japan has fostered the need for intuitive data labeling software that alleviates the pain of manual annotation. In its current rollout of advanced technology, Japan is miles ahead in robotics and autonomous vehicles but falls behind in software development; the US and UK take the lead here. Building technologies fit to tackle the world’s everyday problems is only possible with data management and software solutions equipped to handle robust workflows. Without it, companies can fall behind on production and encounter delays.

Superb AI’s expansion into Japan assists companies on the backend with tasks not typically known to the general public. Every day, consumers are used to seeing the final product - a robot cleaning the floors of a supermarket or a self-driving Tesla - but they don’t understand the work that goes into it. Hours of coding and data labeling tasks help the final products “see” their surroundings and perform their jobs. If the Japanese market lacks the behind-the-scenes operations needed, it becomes harder to meet their individual goals. As a company dedicated to removing the headaches and bottlenecks often associated with data labeling and data management, Superb AI is excited to share its platform and technology with Japanese teams and companies in its effort to build a more innovative and advanced country.

Why Localization Is So Important

Innovation is happening far beyond the borders of the United States, Europe, and Korea. And as the world becomes increasingly smaller and businesses transcend continents, creating a seamless experience for our customers is at the forefront of our company’s mission. Adapting Superb AI’s platform to fit the needs of every client allows for a more seamless and integrated experience, especially as our user base expands. Localization, which is more than just a strict translation, helps eliminate the hurdles that customers can face when using a platform that is not in their first language.

As part of Superb AI’s move into the Japanese market, it’s paramount that we adapt our platform in more than just language; localization is also about communication. Creating software that uses everyday phrases, currency, and formats of a specific region makes it far easier for potential customers to use it. Superb AI strives to connect team members effectively and simplify workflows, resulting in better throughput and overall performance.

Start Your Japanese Data Labeling Project Today

Superb AI’s data labeling platform and tools, including image annotation, video annotation, data management, quality assurance, and auto-label technology, are now available in the Japanese language. This includes the full user interface, as well as documentation on an ongoing basis.

And our platform is equipped to handle datasets and teams of all sizes and resources, from small startups to global enterprises. We also offer a variety of plans and pricing options designed for your project needs. Want to take it for a spin and try it for free? Sign up for a free individual plan today. Or visit our pricing page to find the plan that’s right for you.

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