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Hyun Kim

Hyun Kim

Co-Founder & CEO | 2023/8/28 | 4 Min


The PwC AI Predictions report indicates that a mere quarter of US businesses have effectively integrated AI into their operations. This surprisingly low figure might raise eyebrows considering the buzz around AI and the considerable benefits it potentially offers. However, when you delve deeper into the intricacies of implementing AI, the reasons for such a struggle become evident.

Consider this procedure: It starts with the labor-intensive chore of gathering and labeling enormous volumes of data. After this comes the complex tasks of training and evaluating models, which then transition into the continuous process of enhancing the model's efficiency until it's prepared for implementation. This hurdle is intimidating not only for non-tech users or firms that are short of technical expertise, but it also strikes a chord with machine learning specialists and data scientists. For these experts, launching production-ready models as swiftly as possible demands maneuvering through numerous obstacles and gaining proficiency in a range of tools and technical aspects.

Enter Superb AI.

Our mission is to equip businesses with the ability to develop and incorporate AI technology more efficiently. We accomplish this by offering tech-enhanced products and services that simplify the process of constructing training data and deep learning models. We envision a future where every firm, irrespective of its sector, is driven by AI technology. A future where AI-infused products and services have a wide-reaching positive influence on our lives. For the past half-decade, we've been committed to turning this vision into reality by creating a suite of products and services that allow anyone, no matter their technical expertise, to effortlessly create AI on their own. Today, we're thrilled to announce the next milestone in our endeavor to make AI accessible to all.

Our Roots and Progression

Our journey began with the introduction of our first product, Superb Label. This initial product acted as a launchpad, aimed at reducing the hurdles to machine learning technology by simplifying the process of labeling training data for everyone. Our objective was straightforward: enable all to effortlessly develop and incorporate AI. We dreamt of a future where each organization, regardless of its field, is energized by AI technology. A future where AI-infused products and services are smoothly woven into our existence, providing discernible, beneficial effects.

The journey did not conclude with the unveiling of Superb Label. Every product introduced since then has served as an essential strife in our advancement, consistently challenging the limits of feasibility and rendering AI technology increasingly available to everyone.

A notable milestone was reached with the introduction of Superb Curate. This product broadened our offering beyond just data labeling. We now empower users to analyze and curate their data, thus helping them save costs associated with labeling massive datasets. Instead, they can focus on selecting data that is meaningful, thus leading to the creation of more robust models. The power of data curation lies in its ability to enable the search for and enrichment of rare, edge-case data, resulting in models that perform better in real-world scenarios.

The impact of our journey thus far has been remarkable. We are proud to have been able to assist customers across a spectrum of industries, from automotive and physical security to manufacturing and agriculture. Each has experienced the advantages of our data curation product, and we feel privileged to contribute to their easier and more efficient adoption of AI. This journey, though marked by thrilling advancements, is merely in its early stages. We are keen to maintain our momentum, making AI technology accessible to everyone.

Unveiling the Superb Model

The culmination of our efforts and commitment to the widespread adoption of AI is epitomized in our latest product - Superb Model. This advanced offering propels our range of offerings past data curation and labeling, providing users with a user-friendly platform to create and launch state-of-the-art deep learning models with just a few clicks.

The incorporation of our AutoML technology into Superb Model simplifies the model training process significantly. The deployment of these AI models to the cloud is just as easy, with the entire process achievable in just a few clicks. We've aimed to eliminate any complexity, facilitating a smooth transition from data labeling and curation to model training and deployment.

Consider a factory keen on employing AI for defect detection, or a warehouse aiming to monitor product stock levels using advanced AI models. With Superb Model, these objectives are no longer reserved for those with extensive machine learning expertise. Anyone can traverse the path from data curation and labeling to training and deploying high-performing models.

Even for experienced machine learning professionals, Superb Model offers significant benefits. The platform allows engineers to rapidly prototype and run feasibility assessments before embarking on a potentially long, costly custom model training run. Early prototyping helps identify any gaps and anomalies in the training dataset that may lead to performance degradation. Recognizing these issues early on is critical for efficient machine learning development. In this way, Superb Model not only contributes to the widespread accessibility of AI but also enhances the machine learning development process across various sectors.

Holistic Offerings

The addition of Superb Model to our product suite signifies a major milestone in our journey. We're no longer providing individual elements of the machine learning equation. Instead, we're offering a complete, end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire MLOps lifecycle.

Superb Model equips users with the ability to curate data, train models, and enhance performance all within one unified platform. This seamless integration of functionalities not only improves the user experience but significantly boosts the efficiency of AI model development and deployment.

Furthermore, our comprehensive platform offers a valuable shift in perspective for AI development. The conventional model-centric approach is being steadily replaced by a data-centric methodology. We're enabling users to not only train and evaluate models but to improve performance in a data-driven manner. By identifying performance gaps and iteratively improving the data through additional data curation and labeling, our platform empowers users to take full control of their AI development process, all within a singular, holistic platform. This is more than a step forward in our product offering; it's a leap towards a new, more effective approach to AI development and deployment.

Closing Remarks

As we take a moment to reflect on our journey over the past five years, we are filled with a sense of excitement and gratitude. The impact we are making on the world, the ways in which we are simplifying AI adoption, and the myriad challenges we have overcome — all these aspects fuel our passion and commitment to our mission.

As we look ahead, we see a future brimming with possibilities. We have several innovative products in the pipeline that are designed to further strengthen the synergies between modules of our holistic platform. They will make it even simpler for anyone, regardless of their technical background, to adopt data-centric machine learning development. In this regard, we are not just envisioning the future of AI — we are actively shaping it, one product at a time.

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